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Introduction to Italian Cinema Prof. Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg
Italian Film and History 110 Pembroke Hall
ITAL 0950
Spring 2011 OFFICE HOURS: Monday 9-11 @ 110 Pembroke Hall; or by appointment This course interrogates the ways in which an important moment in Italian history has come to be represented in film: Italian fascism. The fascist regime came to power in 1922 and fell in 1943, though it would take until 1945 for Italy to be liberated from German occupation. The fascist legacy has constituted somewhat of an obsession for Italian filmmakers in the post-War period, and we will analyze the different trends after 1945 that have tried to come to terms with this past. By extension, we will also try to understand how any country tries to come to terms with its own past in violence and war.

Students are expected to see all the films, read the secondary literature, participate in class discussions and give presentations. Three short papers are required (5-8 pages); a fourth is optional.

BOOKS AT BROWN BOOKSTORE Sergio Luzzatto, The Body of Il Duce
Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi, Fascist Spectacle
Millicent Marcus, Italian Film in the Light of Neorealism Other readings are available either on mycourses or through JSTOR.
All films are available for viewing on mycourses. There will be no screenings outside class hours. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART 1: Fascist Bodies/Fascist Spectacles February 7
Sergio Luzzatto, The Body of Il Duce
FILM: Carmine Gallone, Scipione l’africano (1937)
February 14
Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi, Fascist Spectacle PAPER # 1 due on Friday PART 2: Victims, Traitors and Fighters February 28
FILM: Roberto Rossellini, Rome Open City (1945)
Readings: Marcus, chapter on

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