City council meeting

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Meetings are important part of group work. Nevertheless, participants often find that they waste their time and effort. In this report, the effectiveness of the Cincinnati city council meeting organization which was held on March 23RD 2011 at the city hall will be analyzed. The meeting was call to order by Mayor Mallory and those present were council members Amy Murray, Chris Bortz, Cecil Thomas, Charlie Winburn, Wendell Young, Laure Quinlivan, vice mayor Roxanne Qualls and with the resignation of Council member Jeff Berding, Council members welcomed Wayne Lippert as he was sworn in at the beginning of the Council meeting. Mr. Lippert is a financial planner, resident of Hyde Park, and already-announced candidate for the Council election this fall. Also in attendance were City Manager Milton Dohoney and John Curp, Solicitor and Clerk of Council Melissa Autry. Council member Ghitz was absent and excused. Council observed a moment of silent prayer and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. There being no objection Minutes of the previous session Council were ordered Filed. Major items of legislation were already discussed in Study Sessions prior to their inclusion as agenda items as council member Murray said. Mayor Mallory called for public comments, but there were none offered. An agenda was prepared and was available for the public to pick up at a table close to the entrance. In addition it was also available at the clerk office. The agenda listed all the topics that were to be taken up at the meeting in the order they were considered. It helps a lot to handle the matters in an orderly way. The meeting covered only the business portion which Mayor Mallory clearly stated. In total about seven ordinances and resolutions was passed. They sent to Budget & Finance committee an ordinance authorizing action to cooperate with the Director of the Ohio Dept. of Transportation to complete the rehabilitation of the Evanston Street pedestrian bridge over I-71.

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