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Cleopatra VII

CLEOPATRA, the last queen of Egypt, of the dynasty of Lagides, born in 69 BC in Alexandria. She was the oldest daughter of Ptolemy XII Aulète, king of Egypt. Cleopatra, educated andintelligent, speak several languages which the Egyptian, contrary to her ancestors. Ambitious, Cleopatra was undoubtedly a very stubborn woman and was prepared to do anything for her kingdom. Hergreatest wish was to restore the greatness of Egypt in front of the Roman Empire more and more powerful.

On the death of his father Ptolemy XII, Ptolemy XIII, son of Ptolemy, acced to the throne,married his sister Cleopatra. Egypt confronted at the famine, the brother clash with his sister. She was forced to flee in Syria in 48 BC, when her brother took the advantage.At that moment, Pompée wasdefeated by Caesar. The two men were Roman generals who joined battle for the domination of Rome. Pompée, who declared himself in favor of Ptolemy XIII, taked refuge in Egypt, but the king of Egypt,traitor, kill him, and sent his head to Caesar for to rally him. Caesar disgusted, tries nevertheless to reconcile Ptolemy and Cleopatra. But Ptolemy refuses and turns against Caesar. He wasdisadvantaged and drowned in the Nile. Cleopatra was immediately crowned Queen of Egypt. Ambition of Caesar was to annex Egypt, but he will not make him owing to the influence of Cleopatra. She married hersecond younger brother aged six years, Ptolemy XIV. Became the mistress of Caesar, she settled in Rome in one of his residences on the right bank of the Tiber for two years.

Cleopatra is hated byRome, because she encourages Caesar's ambitions, to restore the monarchy. Too close of Caesar's legetimate wife, her presence is judged inappropriate. She inherits the reputation of Caesar's hooker. In44 BC, Caesar was murdered and she had off to Egypt again. Cleopatra gave birth to a son, Cesareo, the fruit of her union with Caesar. On her return to Alexandria, she maked to murder Ptolemy XIV,...
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