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II – Answer the following questions:
A) The immigrants before:

1/ Who bulit built New York? Justify your answer by giving two quotes from the text.
People who have builded built New-York are immigrants as well shown them by the following extracts: « New York's debt to immigrants has become almost a cliche. » and < En quoi cette phrase illustre-t-elle la question ? « They literally and figuratively built New York, from the skyscrapers and dockyards to the corner delis and garment factories »OK
Par contre, la dernière phrase du 1er paragraphe répond aussi à la question.

2/Why did immigrants come from New-York? Justify by quoting from the text.

Immigrants come came to New-York to escape poverty and difficults lives, which is shown in the text by this passage: « millions of people […] fleeing poverty, famine, war and persecution overseas. » OK Il faut toujours répondre dans le même temps que celui de la question. Révise les verbes irréguliers !

3/ Where did they settle there ?
The settled on Manhattan's island. OK

B) The immigrants today:
4/ Who are the new immigrants ? Give four items.
The new immigrants are mainly « Hindus », « Mexicans », « Albanians » and «Rastafians West Indians» OK

5/ Where do they settle now ? ( Quote)
Now, they settled mainly in three areas who which are all in outer boroughs: Queen, Bronx and Brooklyn : « Visinting the outer boroughs today is like taking a trip around the world: […] In queens […] In the bronx [...]And in Brooklyn. " OK mais attention à la grammaire de base !
6/ Why do they settle there ? (Quote)

They were installed settle there as they can fin more easily find jobs more

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