Coca cola

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The Coca Cola (23/11/09)

Everybody knows the soda called « COCA COLA ». So, I would like to introduce you this trend of soda. First of all, I will begin by the historic, in a 2nd part, I will talk about the ingredients. To conclude, I will give you some examples of slogan.

The coca cola is a soda from USA. The first recipe (réssaipi) dates from 1885 (eighteen eighty five) by John Pemberton who has been inspired by a wine recipe of Mariani. This was an alcohol drink with coke called French Wine Coca. In the same year, Pemberton Company wanted to create a soft drink (alcohol less) during the prohibition legislation. In 1887 (eighteen eighty seven), the company was sold at the businessman Asa Griggs Candler for 2300 dollars (Two thousands three hundreds). Today, the company has many shareholders (actionnaires), one of whom is Warren Buffet (billionaire man). The current turnover (CA) of Coca Cola Company is about 22 billions euro. Their products are sold all over the world.

In this 2nd part, I want to talk about the ingredients. What are the real ingredients??? Nobody knows expect 2 or 3 persons. Reading the tag of the bottle show the following ingredients: * Carbonated water * food colouring: Caramel * Phosphoric acid * Sugar * Natural flavourings * Caffeine

The original formulation is kept secret in a big bank in Atlanta. The flavor of the Coca cola is due to a blend of sugar, lemon, vanilla and orange. The phosphoric acid gives an acidity about 2.3 (Two point Three).
Each manufacturer receives this soft drink in concentrate so they just add some water. As the water’s nature depends on each country, the flavor of the final product may be different.
Until 1929 (nineteen twenty nine), there was a little proportion of coke. This ingredient was used for giving stimulant effect in the original recipe (réssaipi).
Many kind of coca cola drinks are available: * Cherry coke (cerise) * Coca cola black (café) * Vanilla

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