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« Here’s the rest of your fur coat »

The document we have here is photography, photograph by James Sorensen and published in the wed site “”. This document is about the fur coat and his cause and consequences.

My commentary will be composed of three parts:
First, I will describe the document. Secondly, I’ll analyse it and eventually, I’ll express my personal opinion.

To begin with, I’ll briefly describe photography. There’s a slogan in the bottom “here’s the rest of your fur coat”. At the middle, this picture shows a lady holding a dead animal in her hands, it’s maybe a fox. Except his head, on his body all his skin is rear. The lady called Persia White is all dressed in black and the background is also in black. She has a long black hair. In the bottom right-hand corner I can see the reference of the web site and the name of the company “PETA”. The face of the lady is without expression, her look is cold.

Secondly, the sentence “here’s the rest of your fur coat” could be what the lady on the picture is saying to the people watching it.
I think it’s a campaign set up by an association called PETA which struggles against fur consumption. The background and the dressed of the lady is black so it refers to death, the fact that consuming fur to make a coat or anything else is causing the death of many animals. There is also a website given so people can connect themselves in order to get more information about this issue. The picture wants provoke the sensitiveness of people watching it because we can see a fox who is dead only to his fur so only to satisfy the pride of a rich man or a rich woman.

In my point of view this is a problem of prime importance. Indeed, fur consumption causes the death of millions of animals each year and the only reason of this slaughter is the fact that wearing a fur coat or something else composed of fur has become a sign of richness. For me it’s a horrible act because after take the fur of animals we cast

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