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This press-cutting whose title is “Hr managers tackle issue of proper dress”, was published on two of July two thousand and four in the triangle business journal.
In this text, we talk about the new dress code in North Carolina.

Analysis of the paragraphs
First paragraph :
Now, the casual dress style is more and more present than tie and suits.

Second paragraph :
Companies don’t want to adopt tie and suits but they reject blue jeans and t-shirts.
In the course of time, the decontract style gained the upper hand in many companies.

Third paragraph :
To get dressed of the same favours communication between employees, and those of the different ranks.

Four paragraph :
A manager realised that ties closed dialogue and communication between the employees and customers.

Five paragraph :
In the summer, It happens that some employees go too much far to the relaxed style which they adopt.
Last paragraph :
Today, a lot student have piercings and tattoos. Firms recommend to hide them or the same the taking away and to have a professional dress style, for example that the female students wear skirts and the male students wear costumes for job interview.

Firms evolve at present and most companies want to maintain a professional appearance and a good image with customers so they prefer to opt for ties and suit in their companies.
Bur for some companies, having a casual dress code enable to break down workplace barriers with employees and managers and sometimes customers.
In the text, a manager says “I felt wearing a tie was actually creating barriers between us and our customers”.
Also, now students enter the workplace with piercings and tattoos and it is advisable to cover tattoos and remove piercings because it’s important to keep a professional attitude when you go to a job interview.
For a good professional attitude, we could be dress

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