Corporate culture

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Introduction: 3
I- The corporate culture 4

A- What is Corporate Culture? 4

B- Components of the Corporate Culture5

C- Study case of the values and national cultures in France 8

D- Issues of the Corporate Culture 10

1) Why Corporate Culture is so important? 10

2) Corporate Culture: a good thing for the productivity?11

E- The Business Project 12

II- The involvement 14

B- The management of involvement 16III- The evolution of the corporate culture 18
A- From the theory X/Y… 18

1) Definition of the two theories. 18

2) Consequences of the two theories. 22B- To the theory Z. 23

1) Definition. 26

2) Components of the 7-S 27

C- 7-S Framework of Mc Kinsey27

Conclusion 28

Bibliography 29


The companies, battered by international competition and face the uncertainties of crises mustmake every effort in order to survive on the market, or even be the best. If policy of motivation has been established, it has not always been easy to establish a causal relationship between these policies and the effectiveness of the company. It is not uncommon to find "satisfied" unproductive and dissatisfied "productive.
This may explain the fact that the concept of involvement hasprevailed from the 1980s, the aim being to obtain employees joining missions, goals and values of the firm.

Some authors such as Maurice Thevenet consider the corporate culture may participate in the development of involvement. Indeed, the corporate culture allows the both to understand and manage the dynamics of the organization in order to induce action expected of employees.I- The corporate culture

This concept of corporate culture was a great success a few years ago, some authors (Peters and Watermann, Award of Excellence, 1983), presenting it as one of the main factors company performance. Perceived as a fad by some, the fact remains that unless the corporate culture allows a specific approach of each firm, which is a condition of effectiveness of strategicanalysis.

A- What is Corporate Culture?

The phrase "corporate culture" is attributed in Elliot Jacques, of the Tavistock institute in London. The corporate culture is defined as its mode of thinking and acting normal, more or less shared and which must be learned and accepted.

For Maurice Thevenet, corporate culture is "a set of shared references in the organization, built throughout its...
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