Corporate social responsibility

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Simpler, stronger, greener
Sustainability Report 2007

We make it easier to be green...
Live Earth We entered a global partnership with Live Earth to help combat global warming. By joining forces with this largest global entertainment event in history, we inspired an estimated 2 billion people to lead a more energyefficient lifestyle. The website is part of our campaign to encourage people to take simple steps to fight climate change, such as changing a light bulb. Visitors can make their personal “simple switch” pledge and calculate the resulting energy and cost savings. Philips Green Products Philips Green Products offer customers, users and society a significant environmental improvement in one or more of the Philips Green Focal Areas.

...and provide

Health & Wellbeing We understand that whether it is getting the right care for their children or improving their own wellbeing, people want the best without the hassle. That is why we have created a range of solutions that can make better health easier to achieve.

At Philips we improve the quality of people’s lives through the timely introduction of meaningful innovations. Using our expertise to simplify complex global challenges – the growing demands for energy efficiency and healthcare – we develop sustainable solutions for people in all markets.

e better care solutions

Simplified care Our Ambient Experience CT brings a human design approach that can decrease sedation rates and increase workflow. Sedating a patient adds at least four hours to procedure time. Without sedation, most scans can be accomplished within 30 minutes.

Customer Satisfaction Philips Ultrasound ranks #1 in overall service performance and all ultrasound systems for the 14th year in a row. Philips Patient Monitoring ranks #1 for the 8th consecutive year. Overall customer satisfaction is up thanks to our focus on patients and care providers.

Clinical collaboration The best care requires collaboration

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