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Cover letter

Duration of the internship: ... to ... months
beginning of the internship: ....

Cover letter
Dear Sirs

Application letter for a workplacement

I am writing to you as a French first-year student in BTS Commerce International (the equivalent of HNC International Trade). The BTS is atwo-year course, and as part of my curriculum, I have to perform a one to two-month work placement abroad from .....

I would like to start in the working worldwith a company that would offer me the possibility to deepen my commercial skills. I would like to work in ...... since I love this city and its verysuccessful companies.

During this work placement, I will have to do tasks like sending mails to potential prospects or calling older customers, for instance, butalso negotiate on your domestic market or abroad within the realms of possibilities.

Thanks to that I will be able to improve my language abilities and usemy negotiation skills.
I think that my motivation, my dynamism, my sense of relationship and the fact that I am open-minded are important assets.

I willbe lucky if I want to complete my formation and my skills thanks to this work placement. It would allow me to work in a team, and acquire a uniqueoccupational experience.

This is why I would be grateful if you could take my application into consideration and do not hesitate to contact me at the above-mentionedcoordinates should you require further information.

I thank you for your attention and look forward to hearing from soon.

Yours faithfully,

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