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Executive summary:
I’ve done my internship in Carrefour, an international mass distribution company. I worked for two month in one of the shops in Paris, the onein the richest area of the capital. I basically did what any other employee would do.

My report will look at:
- The job I had to do
- Theclimate of the internship
- The advantage an inconvenient

1) During two months, I did what any other employee did, which consist in filling the shelves andhelping the customers to find the product they are seeking. I spent 2 weeks in each different sector of the “Fresh Products” part which are bakery, butchery, fishmonger’sshop, fruits and vegetables and cooked pork meat.

2) The climate of the internship was very good, people very kind to me. Although most of them had never studied in theirlife they had a very good understanding of people. But lots of clients weren’t nice to me, they treated me like a slave, thought everything was granted. No thank you, helloor goodbye needed.
3) I one is seeking a manger job it is a placement to do. This placement teaches you a good understanding of people which is a great advantagecompared to others that wouldn’t have done this placement. The major inconvenient is that you have to get up early, at about 5h30 AM to be at work at 7:00. Then you have to standup during 7 hours, which is quite physical if you do it during 2 months.

It is an interesting placement and will become a real advantage if you complete it.Recommendation:
I would recommend this placement because you lean a lot about a company and people, but only for people willing to work hard because it is a hard job.
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