Creativity & leadership

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The connection between creativity and leadership

Creativity is something that we talk about nowadays as a common fact. Indeed, we are facing creativity in almost every moments of our lives. And this concept has become a part of our world, without us noticing it. But where does creativity come from? At first, people thought it was something we were born with...or not. Later on, we found outthat we can produce creativity, become creative, finding ways to be so, such as watching images, being in a quiet (or noisy) atmosphere, having colors all over you... Creativity is therefore not a gift or something we get when we born, but it's a concept, a tendency to create and generate ideas, alternatives, possibilities, that we can develop and improve during our whole life. People who arecreative can view things in new ways or from a different perspective. Creativity can also be defined as the act to turn new ideas into reality, to build something totally new, based on an idea coming directly from our own mind. This concept of creativity is needed a lot, and people are being creative when, for example, they need to solve problems, or when they need to communicate ideas efficiently.Leadership is very difficult to define. It is a quality that someone canhave, or not. When we talk about leadership, we mention someone who is able to manage a team of people efficiently, to deal with all the issues that can happen, and to delegate tasks to everyone. The leadership of someone is, beyond a group of people or a community, the confident that can be built between this person and theother members of the group. This relationship is temporary, and make the leader able to gather the members around a same work. Leadership, is when a person can motivate people to do something or some work that at first they didn't want to do. This doesn't mean that a leader spends his time convincing people, but he (or she) takes time to talk to people, to make them understand what they really haveto do, and to make them believe in their work, he brings confident in them, so that they don't fear about failing or having responsibilities. The leadership of someone is his ability to guide a groupe to a success, even though everyone is demotivated and desperate. Leadership is getting a group of people to see things from the leader's point of view. It is making everyone looking at the samedirection, in order to have the same goals.

Recently, people all around the world are more a less making a connection between these two concepts. In every fields, creativity and leadership are mentionned as new major abilities that we can find in a person. The aim of the essay is to find how this connection can be done between creativity and leadership, how one term can interfere on the other, andwhat is this connection made of.

What is amazing is that creativity is almost a new concept and a new word in the dictionnary. In the French one, for example, the word “créativité” only appeared in 1970. Does this mean that before, people were not talking about creativity? Or that people were not even creative? This actually only means that the word appeared when we understood that creativitywas present in every fields, in science and in art, and that it was a link between them. From this point, creativity was understood as a really important concept, and since it was related to science, art and new ideas, it took all his meaning in the working environment.

On the other hand, the emergence of creativity and his growing importance in the world is explained by the rising of a newsocial class called the Creative Class. Indeed, in his book “The Rise of the Creative Class. And How It's Transforming Work, Leisure and Everyday Life”, Richard Florida explains how the creative people can form a big group, a real class, and what gather them. That way, we learn that the Creative Class is composed of 38million Americans, which represent almost 30% of the US workforce, and whose...
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