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Project Selection Criteria

What is a process improvement project?

❑ First it has to relate to a process. But what do we me mean by process?
• A Process Is A collection of repeatable activities that takes one or more inputs and transforms them into outputs that are of value to the customer.
• An existing Process which is frequently/regularly used
• Non broken process arerequired for improvement to ensure we will be able to monitor facts which will be the basis of any potential analysis or improvement
❑ Required Improvement is identified as our customer (internal/external) told us about deficient processes
• You have ideas that the process is not performing well enough
• You need to be able to define a selection of performance characteristics critical inmeeting the customer’s expectations.
❑ Short term project
• Duration: Each project is 3-6 months long. Results are delivered at the end of each project.
• Size of the process reviewed has to be small enough to achieve fast results
• Cross functional team are key for project success as AW champions support with their knowledge on methodology but operational team bring their businessknowledge for process understanding and improvement solution finding
• XX systemic method targets sizeable projects allowing fast results.

Why Select Projects?

Selecting the right project can have a tremendous effect on your business. If done properly, processes will function more efficiently in 3 to 6 months, employees will feel satisfied and appreciated for making businessimprovements and ultimately customers and stakeholders will see the benefit. If project selection is done improperly, a project may be selected that doesn't have the full business buy-in, project roadblocks may not be removed due to other business priorities, the team may feel ineffective and the end result may be less than ideal.

No one wins in this situation, especially the XX and ZZ who may look tothese same people the next time a need arises. So how do you make sure you select projects in-line with business priorities?

When selecting a process improvement project, don’t do it with its potential solution in mind!

Going through XX process improvement methodology will drive an accurate business issue understanding based on facts and measures.

Project selection guidelines:

Firstthing to be done, is to establish a list of possible projects, using:

• Voice of the customer inputs
• Voice of the business; strategic plan
• Other stakeholder inputs (employees; regulators…)

Ensuring that possible project list complies with AW project definition criteria will allow you to establish a "possible AW project list".

You are now in a position to prioritiseyour possible AW project list . A first screening using "MUST BE" criteria will allow you to keep only those potential projects which are fully compliant with AW process improvement methodology. You will then prioritise these projects using the project evaluation form. When done, you will have a list of prioritised AW project list which now have to be allocated.

Your allocation process has totake into account:

• AW trained resources availability
• Business team availability
• Number of already opened project in the business area impacted

You will end with an AW project list ready to go and a remaining list of potential AW projects to be handled in a second stage.

Note: Project Identification and Prioritisation are the responsibility of AWL with AM support!How to define project size:

Strategic objectives are expressed in measurable terms (Y) issued from either:

• Voice of the C
• Voice of the B
• Other stakeholders (A employees…)

These various input define a list of customer requirements We can then derive our current core processes’ performance to support these C and then deduct those which requires improvements....
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