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I'm going to talk you about a person who as played a major role in my life. This person isn't like a famous personality, a star ... Indeed, this person is my mother. Veronique Champenois represents the biggest influence in my life, since i was born. First, i'm going to describe her in a first part. Then, i'll explain you why she has influenced my life.
My mother has given birth to me sixteen years ago, and since, she bring me up. She is forty five years old. My mother is not so tall, she's smaller than me now. She has medium brown hair and green eyes. She's a manager of society. This woman has a lot of qualities, a very good personality. First, she's kind and fair. Indeed, she often has a fair judgement. My mother isn't either too strict or too tolerant. She's a responsible, helpful and generous person. My mother can be describe as a kind hearted, caring and loving soul which she has taught me to become, she is strong willed, hardworking and very dedicated to our family.
So, why my mother has played a major role in my life ? Veronique Champenois has been the biggest influence in my life as long as i can remember. She taught me to be a good person, to be who i am and not to pretend to be someone else. Moreover, she taught me the principles and values of life. Again, she always help me when i needed her. She showed me unconditional love even when we don't agree each other. What a great mother

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