Dating then and now

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Every day, new technologies help us in our lives, sometimes, things you don’t expect happen. This is what happens with love. When you meet somebody of the opposite sex, sometimesit’s the “coup de foudre”, sometimes not. Something is for sure, the way people date today compares with our parents and grandparent’s time is something very different. The text will beabout dating using today’s approaches, is about the new technologies, to dating before.

First of all, the new technologies help us to date. Many men and women met on social networks,for example Facebook, Myspace . In our parent’s and grandparent’s time, the internet was not like the Internet of today, so social network was not created.

Secondly, the instantmessaging program, like MSN and the cellular SMS help a lot to discover the real personality of the people with who you talk. In fact, all these things are made for you to always be incontact with your friends, so you can always know what your boyfriends or girlfriends is doing.

Thirdly, something is really different about the dating of today and the dating ofthe past.The activities are very different and much more easy to use today. You can find an movie theatres everywhere, and what is very different, many of the today’s teenagers havecars so it’s much easier to do activities with the one you love, for example if she lives far away, you could take her there and bring her back after the movie.

To conclude, theway we date using today’s approaches is very different of the dating of our parent’s and grandparent’s time. The new technologies make it easier for us to date. I made example of newtechnologies like the social networks and instant messaging program but the activities are easier to do today. How do you think our kids will date compare to us.

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