Dell action plan 2009

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Key Fact and Figures


International Coverage:
Dell has subsidiaries in 50 countries.

Distribution Channel
Internet ( Point of sales ( Phone (

Dell has seen their revenues decreasing of 30% since September 2008. Dell wants to use the financing as a strategic approach to support the business in2009. The consumer market is also became a strategic market to capture new market share especially in EMEA.

Dell has started selling through retail stores in US, Canada (WalMart and Staples), Brazil & Mexico (WalMart), China (Gome Group), UK (Carphone Warehouse), Japan (Bic Camera) and also in France (Carrefour).

Dell Financials

Financial data in U.S. dollars
|FinancialHighlights Q4 2008 |
|Sales |64.15$ billion |Revenue/share |30.17$ |
|Income |2.85 $ billion |Earnings/share |1.34$|
|Net profit margin |4.44% |Book value/share |1.48$ |
|Return on equity |63.58% |Dividend rate |0.00% |
|Debt/equity ratio |0.68 |Payout ratio|0.00% |

Volume of transactions (millions) and business revenue (in $)


Q3 Dell sees quarterly profits slip:

The No. 2 personal computer maker by revenue has faced a pullback in spending from both businesses and consumers, especially in October. Profits were down five percent from the same quarter a year ago, though earnings per share improvednine percent. Revenue was down three percent.

• Consumer:  Dell's consumer sales account for less than a fifth of the company's total, and the bright performance wasn't able to offset trouble in the corporate business. Once the world's largest PC maker, Dell faltered in 2006 as PC growth shifted from business to consumer PCs, where H-P had an advantage. Founder Michael Dell returned as CEO earlylast year after a three-year hiatus and installed new executives and moved Dell into new business areas like retail PC sales.

• Emerging countries:  Dell has been seeing his market growing significantly in China and India since Q2 and Q3 2008 and will keep this focus on Q4 and Q1 2009.
Regional Highlights:
• American business unit: Dell has reported net income of 32 cents a share on$16.5 billion in sales, in contrast to 34 cents a share on revenue of $15.65 billion last year. Dell has taken steps to revive its slowing PC business. It has pushed into retail marketing, helping raise its market share in the United States; lowered costs through outsourced manufacturing; and paid closer attention to consumer market.

• Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA):  Dells profits in thethird quarter were $727million (£492.3million), down from $766million in the same period last year. Dell deepened its support for Emerging Countries, adding a second manufacturing facility in Europe, located in Lódz, Poland.

• Company outlook: Dell forecasts reflect a weakening demand environment in the US and Europe now spreading to Asia Pacific and the emerging markets, slightly compensateby expectations of incremental growth from Netbooks. The company has already eliminated 10,200 jobs this year, 14% more than the original target of 8,900. And it has instituted a hiring freeze, meaning compensation expenses are unlikely to grow rapidly in the future. Meanwhile, the company is contemplating a sale of its manufacturing facilities so it can use contractors that can build its...
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