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Devoir maison anglais.
“ How can overcoming obstacles at school or at work make someone stronger?”

During our life, we are all confronted at more or less important obstacles. Sometimes weprefer shun, but sometimes we must face to them. Someone said : “what doesn't kill you

makes you stronger." I believe that it's a bit false because if some obstacles can make you

strongersometimes they can destroy you. Everyday we meet some obstacles, we make lots of

errors and we must overcome hard situations at school or at work. But can they make us stronger?

How can overcomingthis kind of obstacles at school or at work make someone stronger?

On the one hand, there is a very important example for people who are the same age as me

at school. We have a final exam andsome people fail. Most of the time they repeat a year but

psychologically they change. We learn thanks to our failures and I think that a student who lives

this situation give us an account ofthe difficulties of the future . He probably works harder at school

and will be more rigorous. Moreover, he knows things about his lessons, so he will have bases

and methods to work. To me,that permits to show him the importance of school and work

and that he must work more often and better in order to success at his exam.

On the second hand, we can see that learning never stopand I think we must never give up.

The same goes for the work. Indeed,a researcher or a chemist tries everyday to progress and find

new processing or mixing but they rarely success.Nevertheless, they try again and again and when

they find a little thing which can help us they feel better and they are proud of their find. And when

they fail, they search again and again in order todo their job and give hope to everybody.

To conclude, I think obstacles make us better because they oblige us to overcome them.

Even if some people prefer shun, sooner or later everybody...
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