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Devoir 1 (écrit)
Music on your Mobile is the Tune from Cannes Business Brief, by Tony Glover

Activity 1
Briefly sum up the article in English in 60 words (+/-10%). (2 points) Suggested answer: The article entitled Music on your Mobile is the Tune from Cannes, published in The Business Brief magazine, talks about the 3GSMexhibition that was held in Cannes last February. The text gives us information about what new technology and different services to expect from our mobile phone operators. The new trend will be musical mobile phones, and maybe cheaper calls. (59 words).

Activity 2
Briefly answer the following questions in your own words. (3 points-0,75 pts/question). 1. What can you infer about the targetaudience? We can clearly see from the text that the mobile phone operators are targeting teenagers and young adults. 2. Why is it a good idea to combine the success of the Apple Ipod with a mobile? Consumers will no longer need to carry with them two devices. Only one will be necessary, to listen to music and make phone calls. 3. What does Ericsson have to gain from a joint venture with Sony? Ericssonis counting on Sony’s brand name (Walkman) to boost their mobile phone sales.
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4. What in Mr Windsor’s opinion has long been a fault of the mobile industry? In his opinion, too many complicated words are being used to explain new gadgets. One only has to take a look at the name given to the telecoms show in Cannes, last February to prove his point.

Activity 3
What does theauthor of the article imply in the sentence: “Despite the hype surrounding applications for third-generation networks showcased at Cannes last week, few are likely to have long- term appeal to consumers.” Give a brief answer 60 words (+/- 10%). (2 points) Suggested answer: What the writer is trying to say is that there was a lot of media attention at this exhibition, where nothing new or out ofthe ordinary was presented. Only one or two things might be of any real interest to the general public. Everything else, the author feels, can only be considered as gadgets, which will probably only be fashionable for a short period of time. (67 words)

Activity 4
From what you have read in the article, what problems do you think Ipod mobiles could face in the near future? (200 words +/- 10%).Write down the exact number of words you have used in the essay. (6 points) Suggested answer: Ipod phones could cause a clash between two different views of the future of music on mobile phones. As we read in the article entitled “Music on your mobile is the tune from Cannes,” Ericsson had announced their joint venture with Sony at the 3GSM exhibition and, at this occasion, they let the press knowthat they were going to allow their customers to put any digital tune they already owned on their mobile phones for free. Later versions would also permit consumers to directly download songs from their PCs. This new alliance would help Ericsson sell more phones and Sony to expand its dominance of digital music and help prove that Sony is still number one in the music industry. However, originallythe mobile phone industry had intended to launch a trendy musical mobile phone, which would attract more teenage consumers. These new customers would not only have to subscribe to a mobile phone operator but they would also have to pay to download songs from the same wireless network provider. Of course, the operators would have to pay the record company a little something, but this would bepeanuts compared to what they would earn. (196 words).
N.B: «This would be Peanuts» is an idiomatic expression that means a meagre sum of money.

Activity 5
Place the correct prepositions or adverbs in the gaps. (0.25x4 = 1 point). 1. They seemed very interested in our product. 2. I’ll look into the matter as soon as possible. 3. I will help you look for the product in the stock room. 4. He set...
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