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England is one of four nations which compose the United Kingdom, It has approximately 51 000 000 of the inhabitants, and is the biggest with a surface of 131 760 km2,England has a border with the Scotland in the North and Wales on the West. She is lined by the North Sea, the Irish Sea, the Celtic sea and La Manche. The official language is English and the currency ispound sterling (£).
Political system:
The political system rests on a parliamentary monarchy. The English monarchy is one of the oldest to the world. The current queen is queen Elisabeth II andPrime Minister is Gordon Brown, since 2007.
London is the capital and most big city of England and the United Kingdom. Based more than 2 000 years ago by Romain ( Londinium), it became acultural, commercial and financial center large-scale world today. His major influence in the domains of the politics, the education, the entertainment, the shows, the media, the fashion and the artcontributed to establish its status of world city. London account 7 512 400 inhabitants, conscripts of London.
The climate is of oceanic moderate type and precipitations are ratherimportant.
Britannia indicated the Roman province which covered England at the beginning of the 5th century. Roman Brittany neither was completely subjected by Romain, nor colonized as thecontinental Gaul. The name "England", which replaced the Latin name of "Brittany", pulls its origin of the appearance of Germanic populations, the Anglo-Saxons, between 5th and VIIth centuries on theisland of Brittany, after the retreat of the army and the Roman administration.
England became a state unified during the Xth century and pulls its name of Angles, one of the Germanic tribes whichsettled down on his territory in Vth and VIth centuries. England is among countries having a strong cultural influence in the world. It is there that developped the English language; London was the...
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