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Equipment leasing is when a business leases its equipment as opposed to purchasing the equipment outright. Equipment leasing can make sense in many scenarios, and this article will provide information to help you decide if you should lease or purchase equipment for your business.

1. Equipment leasing – Info
2. Who leases?
3.Why leasing instead of buying?
4. What can you lease?
5. Qualifying to lease
6. Finding the right leasing company
7. Types of leases
8. Obligations of the lessor and lessee
9. Buying previously-leased equipment

1. Equipment Leasing – Info
Equipment Leasing is very common among small businesses. In fact, statistics show that over eighty percent of small businesses lease most of theirbusiness equipment. Small businesses as well as individuals lease equipment for several different reasons, and almost always for less than £50,000 per year. Although large businesses and corporations can lease equipment that sometimes runs in the millions each year, there is a very large market for much less expensive Equipment Leasing.
Leasing business or personal equipment makes sense in a lotof cases, and can save businesses and individuals a tremendous amount of money in the right situations. Obviously, leasing does work in quite a few cases, because the equipment leasing business has been strong for many years, and continues to remain so. Banks, which have in past years tended to stay away from the leasing business, are now reconsidering this potentially profitable enterprise. Thoughnot all banks have jumped on the bandwagon yet, more are more are starting to each year.
Some owners of new small businesses who are just starting to build their business equipment inventories are new to leasing. They need to learn the ins and outs of leasing, as well as the reasons why leasing may be better than buying their business equipment outright. Business and personal equipment leasingis more than just making a phone call, choosing the equipment, and signing the papers. There is a certain amount of research that needs to be done, and all contracts and legal issues need to be investigated carefully.
2. Who Leases?
The kinds of businesses and individuals that lease equipment for under 50K per year can vary widely. First of all, there are individuals. These can be peoplewho have hobbies that require having heavy equipment for certain periods of time, such as those who restore antique automobiles or are working on major home remodeling projects. Leasing equipment to individuals makes up just a small percentage of the profit for leasing companies, however. Most major leasing companies focus on businesses, and for many of these companies, this is their sole focus.Equipment leasing under 50K per year is almost always done by small businesses. These can include such businesses as accountants, solicitors, manufacturers, building contractors, small electronic companies, temp agencies, small newspaper publications, or restaurants. Many times, especially when a small business is fairly new, it makes more sense to at least start out leasing business equipment.However, a new business may not get sufficient credit points to be offered leasing but may be accepted if the owners take personal responsibility for the lease payments.  Sometimes new small business owners want to see how things will pan out for their new enterprise for a certain period of time before they invest large sums of capital. In this case, leasing makes a lot of sense, not only whilewaiting to see if a business will be successful, but also seeing if the type of equipment initially acquired needs to be changed to something different. Being cautious, however, is not always the reason for leasing, as many small businesses continue to lease their equipment for many years.
3. Why Leasing Instead of Buying?
What is the actual advantage of Equipment Leasing instead of buying it?...
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