Dissertation "music can change society"

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“Music can change society”

“Music can change society”, is a topic on which people can agree and others not. Personally, I think a little bit of both. It’s what I am going to develop. Now I will base myself on different styles of songs (rap, reggae, punk and protest songs), the two versions of Imagine and Another Day in Paradise; everything seen in class.

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I agree because music or songs are omnipresent all over the world. They have a very big influence in our lives. For example, Imagine by John Lennon is a song that makes unhappy people suddenly optimistic. Every song has a message to pass on. Often, the singers and composers of reggae, protest songs, etc… choose messages of peace, hope, love… But music like rape or punk pass on a little more negative message.
Music has a lot of influence on our everyday life, behaviour and mood, and also, how we see life.
Imagine, the music remade by a Perfect Circle, entirely changes the original message by John Lennon because the melody is sad, dramatic and ominous. I disagree with the sentence “Music can change society” in spite of my development above. Society doesn’t revolve around music. There are other centers of interest and activities in the world.
Certainly there may be a revolution or a big movement like Woodstock Festival in the sixties but I don’t think that it can go as far as changing society because a lot of people can prevent this.

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For me, music can’t change society. It’s simply a freedom of expression that influences us but it is not the only thing that influences the

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