Do we have to quit all ?

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Sometimes we are afraid of what our future hides and what new experiences could bring to our lives! It could have positive and negative sides because we are always thinking of if we done the right choice or not.

That's why I think that I’m not ready to all quit for a new life! There are too many sacrifices to have and too much risk. So why did I changed my life for the unknown? It needs a lot of courage especially when we used to live in a special way when we have some habits that are difficult to leave and when we are sticking in our family and friend circle.
But sometimes I’m wondering: how it will be if i choose a new way? Or if I didn't chosen that way? It’s a harsh question that could be frustrating for anyone! Especially when we don't want to regret our acts! so we are pushed to have a new attitude, these attitude which makes u quitting everything to try something new, to have a new life totally different from the past, we are trying new experience experiences to make our life better, to give a sense to it, searching for happiness or just for this feeling of "excitation"!
And last but not least I think that all the human being is torn between these two attitudes. In every moment of our lives we are asking these questions: is this live is the one I’m expecting for me? In few years would I regret it? Should I try something else or should I satisfy of what I have? We certainly wouldn't have the answers of those questions and certainly not in the moment we asked them!

But one thing is sure whatever the way or the attitude we choose, whatever the life we have it all depends of us, we are only what we want to be. The doubt is human, but it should not interfere in our way for

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