Do you think that parents should interfere with their children’s decisions?

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The love of a parent sometimes means having to watch you child fall in their face. Naturally, to want to interfere with children’s decisions can have someadvantages and drawbacks.

At first, it is true to say that a child needs to make his own decisions. If he falls, the parent should be there for support him. At thesame time, it is normal because the child want to assert him and to be somebody, not only to be treated as a “little child”. What’s more, the more the childincreases, the more it is necessary to leave to him of the open field in its choices. And the authoritarian role of the parents has to give way to assistant's rolein the choice: if you make this, there will be such consequence if you make that, attention on that etc... I believe that the child have to learn to beresponsible.

Nevertheless, I can’t help thinking that a child have to be supported by his parents. The parents absolutely have to interfere with their decisions,especially if it is going to take them in a wrong direction. As for me, it is parents duty to assure that they get themselves to a point where they can be completelyindependent and autonomus. Besides, I really think that the parents are ultimately responsible for any bad decisions that their children make.

To sum up, Iwould say that if a child has projects and wants to fulfil his dream, it is good to advice him because the parents have some experience and a carrer behind them.So, to my mind, they are the best placed to help their child and to protect them against danger. But, they can’t leave them alone because it is too dangerous.
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