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Enterprises conduct hundreds of business processes every day. Most of these processes are in place to optimize the relationship businesses have with their customers. Others are aimed at managing employee relationships. Research suggests that 70 percent or more of these processes have a common requirement to use or produce some type of document. Documents are used to collect data, to communicate internally, and to market, sell, and correspond with customers.
Documents, or communications, vary by format, content, delivery channel, and many other characteristics, and can generally be grouped into three categories:

HIGH-VOLUME—documents generated for a large number of customers at one time. These communications require scheduled production runs that process vast amounts of variable data, provided by various systems and data sources. Examples include monthly statements, bills, direct marketing, and correspondence.

ON-DEMAND—point-in-time requests for a specific

document. These processes often involve people, like agents or customer service representatives, requesting a document through some type of interactive system. The system sends the data they have entered to a document service that composes the required communication and sends it back to the requesting system in real time. Examples include proposals, quotations, and correspondence.

completion of a document by providing data or selecting content within the document itself. Common examples of interactive documents include enrollment forms, proposals, quotations, and correspondence.

INTERACTIVE—people interactively participate in the

Most enterprises deploy many systems and processes to address these different document application requirements, and attempt to integrate them through expensive projects. These attempts are often

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