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The economy of the Scotland is strongly attached to the migrant worker of Poland. Moreover it ‘s depend on in the point to risk to see its economy suffering from return at home of his migrants.This workforce of the Eastern Europe does not remain spot while of the other one prefers to stay there, what could become an economic problem , according to a study realized by a professor of economy.Hospitality, construction, food processing and farming would be sectors where there would be a big lack of this labour.
The decline of the value of the pound sterling in front of the euro becomeless interesting for his migrants which sent a part of their salary to their family with Poland.
For other European country of the Union they made labour laws more favorable to the welcome of the Poles.Furthermore, Germany decided to open its borders in the year 2011.
The Economy of Poland grows more and more, and it thus offers maintaining better paid jobs.
60 % of these migrants wanted to stayin Great Britain less than 3 months and for 8 % of them would stay more than two years.
The return at home of these workers could leave the country with a lack of employee in circles medical becausethe population becomes more and more old. And the decrease of the workers bringing a decline of the wage contribution to finance the pensions.
For the company of Salmon to Inverness, has had tobadly recruit with regard to before.
Inverness had a low unemployment rate, and this staff had of good value of work, its good work and sound at the hour.
The company knows that she will havedifficulty in continuing like that and that she has to lower its standard of recruitment because the Polish workforce decreases and thus we shall have difficulty in filling the demand. It will be necessary touse the additional hours to fill the request.
For the moment, a report denounced that there were suspected criminals who were to recruit to work in circles medical among these migrants, in Great...
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