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Economics: the dynamic of a soon to be established course!

Capitalism, Devaluation, tax, currency, I have no doubt that every single one of you has already heard these terms. Yet do you reallyknow what they mean? More importantly, are you interested in understanding how our world works? Well if so, Economics is the course you need! Although the course is not taught yet in our school, Iwill, in this article, endeavour to describe it, to explain its importance and demonstrate how you could benefit from it.
First, what is economics? Economics is a social science, which studies thecause and effect of every transaction. It’s subdivided into microeconomics which examines the behaviour of firms, consumers etc… and macroeconomics which takes a broader look at our society and dealswith issues such as inflation, and unemployment…
You certainly might think that the previous definition is both broad and glib. In order to fully understand what economics is all about let’s take acloser look at its importance in the world today. According to Heilbroner, three ways have been invented to maintain a social cohesion: through a totalitairian regime such as the USSR, through a commonreligious spirit such as Israel, and finally, through the principle of gain. The third one is the one commonly used in the western world. Not only does economics govern and control the gainprinciple, but it also helps to understand the system we live in.
As you can see, economics is part of our daily lives, and is thus essential for the survival of our way of life. If the school adopts thiscourse you will thoroughly enjoy a both diversified and fascinating program. You will comprehend the innermost depths of our society. Problems that, at first appeared misty will become clearer. Forinstance you will discover why some people are rich and others are poor.

Here ends our journey toward the most captivating field of our era! But don’t you worry, if you want some more of this...
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