Employee well being

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Employee Well being

Employee well-being is a relative concept : it depends on the job you're doing .
For some people , wellbeing means good working conditions, for some others it means earninga good salary, for some others it's to have the time to enjoy their private life, for some others it would be to succeed in their jobs or to work for a fair-trade company …
The list isnon-exhaustive .
The term well being is large concept as I said earlier .
Work-life balance, dignity at work , respect and bullying are some issues that matter for every employee more or less .

I think thatfor me, doing a job for a fair-trade company which relies to ' dignity at work' would be the most important one . I don't think that I would be able to work for a company which I know employes child ,or for a company which fabrics arms etc...
I prefer to earn a less important salary and to be able to watch myself in a mirror than the contrary .

Secondly work-life balance matters for me too. I'd love to managed equally my work and life aspects, but I know myself and if my job really matters to me, if I'm doing something that I deeply like , I would be absorbed by it . That's why I don'twant to have kids now or in the 8 years coming:
because I have any , I want to raise them properly and I 'd have to work
That's a big issue for women more than for men and I am always wonderingabout how I would be able to managed my work-life managed .
I admire women that have a career and child at the same time .
I have never been bullied at work yet . But I was doing my internship,my superior were kind of abusing of me: I had to come at 7 am and I finished at 9 pm , 6 days per week . I was exhausted because it was during the sales period but I didn't say anything . I was tooafraid .
I think that if this situation occurs now I would react differently . I won't be afraid to say what I think .
I have never witnesses a bullying situation and I don't know how I would react...
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