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Unsatisfied Cadbury company workers are going to lobby the government for support to win jobs and investment guarantees fromtheir new employer on the eve of the expected takeover by US food company Kraft. But unfortunately union officials said the US firm had remained ‘silent’ on the workforce’s future.Lots of members of Unite will demand the government to make sure that pledges from the new owners were more than just ‘warm words’. In addition workers from across the UK willgather in London to lobby ministers and MPs seeking help on guaranties for the future.

What is more Jack Dromey, Unites deputy secretary thinks that Kraft takeover is notin the National interest, and after the month of this hostile process nothing has heard to calm down fears of Cadbury workforce. In fact Kraft has not huge success of plant or forthe skills of its workforce, so Cadbury has the chance that history wouldn’t repeat.

Government plays curtail role in this case, because this is only powerful institutionwhich can stop closures and mass redundancies. But on this other hand what is not winning situation most of the companies do not take in to the consideration governments issues. Sothey became uncontrolled.

In conclusion people working in this kind of company feel much unsecured. Workers are extremely worried for their future and there is noinformation on the consequences of the deal. So I think more attention has to be paid for employs and treated with the respect. They are one of the powerful and important parts of eachcompany.

This article was published on Monday 1 February 13:05 GMT by Pres Association guardian.co.uk



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