English unusual faults

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C : I suggested that he come tomorrow. Faux Vrai
D : I recommended that he see the doctor about his persistent cough. Faux Vrai

B : Despitebeing asked several times, he refused to answer. Faux Vrai

A : If you heat water to 100°C, it boils. Faux Vrai
B : Should you telephone metomorrow, I’ll be out all day. Faux Vrai

A : Provided you tell me where you’re going, I have no objection. Vrai Vrai
D : Provisions for your comfort havebeen made by the management. Faux Vrai

B : I’d rather you didn’t invite them. Faux Vrai

A : You find hamburgers wherever you go. FauxVrai
C : You’ll find all the shops are closed tomorrow. Faux Vrai

A : “What nationality are you?” “I’m welsh.” Vrai Faux
B : The theorical useof economy doesn’t correspond to reality. Vrai Faux
C : Last year we have developped a new marketing strategy. Vrai Faux

A : The benefits this yearare growing up. Vrai Faux
B : The government’s economical policy is very unpopular. Vrai Faux
C : The Human Resources Manager wants to see youstraightaway. Faux Vrai

C : The doctor’s waiting-room is over there on the left. Faux Vrai

C : All these species of insect are quite rare. FauxVrai
D : Darts is often played in pubs in England. Faux Vrai

A : I was anxious for the party to be a success. Faux Vrai

"a" chocolate?

Hundredsof reading schemes and philosophies have been 52) produced in the past two hundred years

many have achieved a 53) degree of success.

range of approaches
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