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Complete with a modal expressing probability:

1) I’m sure he is at home.
= He __________________________ be at home.
2) There is a slight chance that she is absent.
= She_______________________be absent.
3) It’s impossible she is not cheating.
= He______________________ be cheating.
4) He is very peculiar, may be he doesn’t like chocolate.
= He_________________not like chocolate.
5) As I know her logically she is sleeping now.
= She___________________________ be sleeping.
6) He didn’t get the job; I guess he arrived late at theinterview.
= He___________________________ have arrived late at the interview.
7) It was his first rehearsal
= He _________________ have been stressed.
8) He doesn’t answer his mobile,perhaps he is at the cinema.
= He __________________ be at the cinema.
9) All the bookmarkers bet on this team.
= they _____________________ win the match.
10) He broke her leg duringthe game, she surely hates him.
= She _________________ hate him.
11) I’m sure he had an accident.
= he must _______________ an accident.
12) No! I refuse to believe that she is lying tome.
= She can’t ______________________ to me.
13) Perhaps he missed the bus.
= he may ______________________ the bus.
14) Logically, they have finished working by now.
=they should _____________________working.
15) I bet he bought flowers again.
= he must__________________ flowers again.
16) Look! I bet he is buying flowers again.
= He must__________________ flowers again.
17) Maybe he finds it difficult. = ____________________________________
18) At this time, children are sleeping. =_______________________________
19) Perhaps he knows herbut I doubt it. =______________________________
20) Surely they work hard enough. =______________________________________

When using MUST to express probability in the past, use MUST + HAVE +...
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