Environement economique et social des etats unis anglais

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Daniel Boorstin Histoire des Américains, coll. Bouquins, Laffont, Paris, 1991
Emmanuel Todd, 2ème de la biblio
Galbraith , Economie Hétérodoxe, Seuil, 2007

- Background
- Protest Movements
 A short description of the movements
 Understanding their significance
- The Vietnam War
- The end of the Gold Standard
1950S: Period of stability and prosperity in the US and a certain comfort of life, as opposed to a period of high tensions. We can see a shift in the period, this also applies to the economy.

From 1950 to 1960, increase in population from 151 684 M to 180 671 (+19%). Very fast increase.
The consequence: a rapidly increasing young population, baby boom. Demographic expansion.
It is reinforced by objective factors, demographic expansion produces economic growth.
Comparison: 1930s: +7.2% 1940s: +14.5%
The 1950s: record in a context when already the US has very high demographic expansion compared to European countries.
The expansion of the population also coincides with a rapid shift in urbanization. But more a suburbanization. The American population is living more and more in cities but not in the center of cities.

Corporate gigantism and Economic preeminence
In the 1950s GM had a turnover that was only a little inferior than the French National Budget. Its sales represented more than the combined resources of the states of NT, NJ, Pen, Ohio, Delaware and all 6 states of New England.
The 0.1 top percent companies (30 corporations) represented:
- 1/3 of added value
- 25% of workers
- 1/3 of all salaries
- 40% of all investment

We’re looking at a strong oligopolistic situation.
In the tobacco market: 4 companies, auto market: 3 companies, soap market: 3 companies (essentially).
These oligopolistic situations produced the standard effect is reduced competition, unspoken price fixing.

Ways to reduce

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