Ernst & young, the company and its environment

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Ernst & Young, the company and its environment


This article aims to analyze the similarities and differences between the practices of human resources management of two subsidiaries of the company Ernst & Young, working in different cultural contexts, or Montreal and Monterrey (Mexico).
The data collected in this study come from desk research.

This study is divided into three parts :

- A presentation of context, followed by
- A description of practical human resource management in both subsidiaries.
- A comparative analysis will complement this case study.

Ernst & Young was founded in 1864, in Toronto, by Thomas Clarkson. The management bold visionaries marked the history of this organization, become a world power in its field. The company employs about 11 people in 4000, in 700 offices in 140 countries.
Ernst & Young offers financial services checking, certification, business risks, insurance consulting and actuarial consulting investigate fraud, disputes technology and security risks and support the transaction.

1.2 Description of the two subsidiaries

The Canadian subsidiary has 15 offices across Canada, including the headquarters of Toronto. It employs about 4 000 people, including 2 500 in Montreal. The male / female ratio is 54% women and 46% of men. The average age is 34 years.
The Mexican subsidiary has 250 employees including 80% are aged between 25 and 30 years. There is a ratio of 70% men and 30% of women. This ratio is a reflection of a culture whose character is male. In the model of Hofstede, masculinity refers to the values of success and possession of values that are called men. The so-called feminine values refer to the social and mutual. More roles between men and women are different, the more the company will be called male, over the roles are interchangeable, the more the company will be called women. Among the countries where the masculinity index is highest, we find the Caribbean countries of Latin America,

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