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For me, there can be no shadow of a doubt that university students should have the choice to attend classes or not. I do believe that free attendance to classes is better than compulsory attendancefor three main reasons: it is a way for students to learn about responsibility; it provides them the flexibility they need in their life; it avoids a waste of time for both of professors and studentssince only the more motivated attend the classes.
At first making a choice between attending classes or not is an opportunity for university students to learn about responsibility and being adult.They have to own up to their behaviors because nobody would manage them anymore. Indeed when compulsory attendance means discipline and structure, free attendance means responsibility. Students have towork and organize their time on their own. They have to find the right balance between working and enjoying their freedom, which is pretty difficult and requires maturity but is also a valuableexperience.
Furthermore a free attendance system makes students able to manage their time and to benefit from the flexibility they need. As they can take some liberties their schedule they can dedicatemore time to others activities. It may be significant to give the example of working students: Many university students have to do a part-time job to pay the school fees, which are very expensive, andneed to skip a class because of their work.
In addition this class attendance system is a sort of guarantee that only the more motivated will attend classes. As a result classes must not bedisturbed by trouble-makers, who wish they were anywhere else but there. There are many negative situations caused by compulsory-attendance. Students who were reluctant to go to classes but who went becauseof this rule might not take part in the discussion which takes place in the classroom. Consequently the lesson is delayed by those who are lagging behind. It is an unfortunate waste of time for both...
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