Essay on lord of the flies of wiliam golding

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William Golding’s Lord of the Flies is about the relation ship between children in a desert island. By looking closely to the sympathies of the readers for Ralph and against Jack, it is then possibleto better understand their differences of character, what they stand for and why so much of the boys decide to follow Jack.

Ralph’s social class seems to be good as the author tells us thathis father “is commander in the Navy” which indicates that he has a wealthy quality of life and therefore should have a good education. However, by the beginning of the book he seems quite impolite ashe says “sucks to your auntie” which shows that he is always like this, as he did not have any time to adapt to his new environment. Therefore, we understand that even if he has a good education heis not very restricted about his language, which shows that he is already adapted to the island and perhaps has an unkind side.
On the other hand, Jack also seems to have a very high educationas his orders “Choir! Stand still” shows us how his life has hierarchy and how he is restrained by it. He gives the impression that he is obliged to be at that point polite to seem correct but herapidly let all his pressure go which make him more aggressive “Shut up Fatty” as also the debut of his decadence towards cruelty, which foreshadows how he will descend into savagery.
Furthermore,Jack’s behavior is very disturbing for the reader as he behaves at the opposite of the main protagonist, Ralph. Jack ‘takes control’ of the boys’ minds as he says “you see they do what I want” whenthey go to kill Ralph. The boys are still civilized but they try to repel it by obeying Jack. This can be shown by the phrase “Samneric protested out of the heart of civilization” which shows also howJack obliges the kids to obey to his orders “Tie them up”. Also by his dance, he lets his hunters leave their civilization and fears so they “leapt on the beast […] bit, tore”, until Simon’s death by...
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