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is an American T.V show, which I find funny. She was written by Marta Kauffman and Davis Crane from nineteen ninety four to twenty o four. I think everyone know this song of the Rembrandts,which is the generic of FRIENDS -MUSIC- The subject of this T.V show is ten years in the life of 6 friends who live in New York City. There are also many smaller characters. In this series,there are only three main places: the apartments of Chandler and Monica, and the Central Perk which is a pub where the friends spend a lot of time. I’ll first talk about the characters, then I ‘d talkabout this pub.
RACHEL: She is friends with Monica since high school but before the first, it was a long time they had not seen. In this one, she just left her fiancé before marriage, and so lefther old life where she depended on money from her father : so she is a waitress.
MONICA : She is Ross sisters. When she was a child, she was obese, but from the first episode she works as a cook.PHOEBE : She lived in the street after the suicide of her mother and abandonment by his father. She has a twin named Ursula, who doesn’t like her very much. Phoebe is a little crazy.
JOE : He isItalian. He is an actor and the most famous T.V show in which he played is “Days of our Life”: in it he plays Docteur Drake Ramoray. He is a womanizer.
CHANDLER : He is an old friend from Ross. We donot know what job work Chandler as, but we know that’s boring. I think he is the most funny is the group, but I’m sure he is the one who makes the more jokes.
ROSS : He is a palaeontologist and hethink that’s very interesting but his friends find it boring. In the ten years who speaks FRIENDS about, he married thrice.

I'll now talk to you about Monica's favorite place: Central Perk!Central Perk is a pub, where Chandler loves to eat some cakes. Gunther is the most important waiter but Rachel is also a waitress who makes a very bad job. She has not been returned because Gunther was...
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