Events of the cathedral of reims (eng)

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A/ In the past

A lot of important events occurred in the Cathedral of Reims. It's the center of differents coronations, baptisms and religious events.

401-852/ First Cathedral496 : Clovis’s Baptism
816: Louis the First is sacred emperor in the Cathedral of Reims. It's the first coronation of a French monarch in Reims.

852-1211/ Second Cathedral

976: Since then,Adalbéron of Reims makes the Carolingian Cathedral embelished. The historian Richter of Reims, Adalbéron's pupil, made a precise description of it .


1211/ The new Cathedral

1226 : Althoughthe Cathedral is still being built, Louis the Ninth is crowned in the Cathedral.

1429 : Charles the Seventh is crowned in the Cathedral which is very important because it changed the time course andreversed the Hundred Years War, thanks to Joan of Arc whose statue can be seen in the Cathedral.

1481 : A big blaze devastates the edifice.

1860 : The reconstruction of the Cathedral begins,under Eugène Viollet-le-Duc's orders.

1914 : The Cathedral gets bombed because of the First World War. It gets touched by twenty-five shells and because of that, the fire is moving to the Tau Palaceand the injured refugees in the Cathedral are killed.
As a consequence, we’re not using the bells anymore by fear of weakening the edifice.
We’re still repairing it nowadays.

1991 : TheCathedral of Reims enters in the list of UNESCO’s WORLD HERITAGE.

1996 : The Pope Jean-Paul the second visited the cathedral to celebrate the 1500th anniversary of Clovis’s Baptism by Saint Remi.B/ Nowadays

A lot of events are still occurring in the Cathedral or around it :

You can go to the masses, you can go confess, you can go pray etc. but the most important activity there isvisiting.

Moreover, the Cathedral is adapting to its generation : events such as concerts of famous “ religious songs “ singers ( for instance, SPIRITUS DEI ), or even ELECTRONIC concerts, in front...
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