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Plan pour the presentation
II.What is the Tea Party?
1.Who they are
1.Its origins
2.Its nature
2.What they stand for
1.The «contra-party»
2.No clear program that unite them
III.The role of the Tea Party in US politics
1.How they could have influenced the midterms
1.Ressourceful for the GOP
2.Handicap to the GOP
2.Their future
2.Softening up2.Questions for further concideration/discussion

I. Introduction (Camille)
The article «Tea Party set to win enough for wide influence» was published in the New York Times on October 14th 2010 by Kate Zernike. It raises the question of role the Tea Party can come to play/has played in the midterms.
In summary, Zernike discusses how the midterms will be the first time theinfluence of the Tea Party on US politics will be established certainly. Currently, 138 candidates seem to be supporting the views of Tea Party. Out of 435 seats available in the House of Representatives, only 33 may be taken by Tea Party-candidates, while a whole of 8 of the 37 available in the Senate. While the numbers of Tea Party-candidates are relatively small, they could exert outsize influence, byputting pressure on Republicans to carry out promises such as administer significant cuts to government spending and tazes, repeal the health care legislation and financial regulations passed this year, such as phasing out social security and Medicare in favour of personal savings accounts.
To begin with, we shall introduce the background of the Tea Party and the reasons for its birth. Then weshall go on to discuss the nature of the Tea Party: How can it be defined, is it a real party or a political movement with a looser organization? Lastly, we shall debate the possible future of the Tea Party after the midterms.

II. What is the Tea Party?
i. Its origins (Olga)
Boston Tea Party (06.12.1773)– image. --> Since the name «tea party» has been used by anti-taxationmovements in US politics.
The current Tea Party movement emerged in 2009 through a series of locally and nationally coordinated protests, in protest of the bail-out of banks and other stimuli poured into the economic as a consequence of the financial crisis and against the healthcare reform.
The protests, though at times locally coordinated by independent groups, quickly became part of a largerpolitical movement. On that is characterized by the wish to have smaller government, tighten up fiscal policies (fiscal responsibility), individual freedoms (social care, healthcare) and a conservative view of the American Constitution and how American politics should center around it.
The presidency of Barack Obama: hope let down
The Health reform passed in March 2010.
ii. Its nature (Camille)What is it exactly? A party?
The Party seems to be «more than just» (?) a party. We can define it as a «circle of influence» or a network. Indeed, there is no structure, neither any hierachical functionning as in a real party. This lack of organization follows from its spontaneity as a movement: it being a reaction against the current establishment and the federal government embodied by Obama.A large number of organizations (over a thousand; everything down to 4-5 members), the largest ones are known for receving large support from Sarah Palin. But even though there are some consistent factors, this movement, coming from the basis, is heterogeneous.
But there are several other factors that point to the variety of the Tea Party, such as the people supporting the movement and theirviews.
Who are the people behind? Several independent polling agencies, have tried to establish the average tea partier. Even though the results are conflicting, most tend to portrait the average tea partier as white, middle-class, slightly older, with funds more than the average American, but also with slightly more education (Mainly white, slightly more likely to be male, than female, married,...
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