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The Tea party movement began in United States after the economic crisis which struck the country in 2008. The four texts of the dossier “mad as hell”, published before the result of theCongress elections, deals with this current in public opinion, its characteristics and the reasons of its success. It shows that this party is more a rallying against the federal government than a reallystructured organization; indeed it is composed by various shades of political opinion, which are federated by their protest more than their proposals: conservatives from the Grand Old Party, economiclibertarians, religious associations against cultural liberalism, democrats voters disappointed by Obama‘s government …
The importance of this camp in the American political life rises rapidly duringthe two last years, which can be explained by a plenty factors, beginning with the population anger against political elites, which are considered as responsible of the economic crackdown.
Actually,crisis leaded to a serious drop of the population standard of living, as many Americans lost their job, their savings or their house. This situation was perceived as the result of the republicangovernance and specifically of its laxity in the economic field; but the inability of the Obama government to reflate the country economy involved a loss of trust on the politicians from the both sides.The anxiety generated by the economic context of unemployment gave birth to an increasing movement of contestation of the federal state, and in the same way, of all the elites of the nation, whichpromote solutions which seems not to be inspired by the populist value of “reasonableness” Tea Party militants put forward.
Reflationary policies for example are harshly criticized by conservatives, whoaccuse them to put up debt and deficit without having a beneficial effect on economic issues, whereas many studies of economics experts shows that they prevented a total crackdown of the economy....
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