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There is so much to know and find out about Morocco. Whether travelling or simply wishing to know more.

Ancient morocco
Ever wonder exactly who the original inhabitants of Morocco were or how their governmental system developed? Perhaps you may have wondered why there is such a strong French and Spanish influence on the country.
The original people of Morocco were the Berbers. These people lived in tribes and there was no actual recognised government over the area.  Tribal Berbers lived according to the rules of their Tribal Leaders.
The country of Morocco was constantly invaded during the early stages of the country's development. First it was the Phoenicians in the twelfth century BC. The Phoenicians were then taken over by the Carthaginians. Then in the 2nd centuryBC, the Romans replaced the Carthaginians. Over time the Roman Empire fell apart and the Arabs took over and settled in. Short but intense fights for control of the country between the Arabs and the Jews left it reeling and largely unstable. Ahmed I al-Man-sur however, managed to bring the country right during his dynasty. Between 1579 and 1603 the country flourished as Jews and Moors from Spainsettled in Morocco. They brought with them their cultures and arts and retrospectively gave Morocco much of its cultural founding that is still present today.
The fighting between the Spanish and Portuguese since the early 15th century left the Portuguese in control of the Port of Ceuta in 1415. In 1578 however, the Moroccans beat the Portuguese and regained control of that port, and by 1700 almostall of coastal towns that were under Portugal's rule. In 1904 Morocco was divided between France and Spain. France received the larger portion. Germany wanted in too so in 1911 a German gunboat was sent to the French owned coastline of Morocco. War was averted though, when the French made an agreement with Germany whereby the French would keep control of Morocco, whilst they allowed the Germansconcessions elsewhere.
In 1950 the sultan of Morocco requested that Morocco become an independent country. Their first request was declined until 1957 when Sultan Mohammed became king. Around the same time, Spain relinquished the majority of its holdings in Morocco.
In 1974 King Hassan began a major campaign to reclaim control over the entire Sahara, much of which was owned by Spain. TheInternational Court of Justice rejected Morocco's application for total control of the Sahara. Persistent King Hussan pushed forward nonetheless and eventually, after secretly held negotiations, Spain & Morocco made a deal. The Sahara was split into three between Morocco, Spain and Mauritania. In 1978 the Polisaro front succeeded in forcing the Mauritania out of the Sahara but Morocco stood firm andunmoved. The United Nations organised a referendum of self-determination between those concerned and whilst this was generally agreed upon, to this day Morocco has continued to push for full control of the entire Saharan Desert.
Friday July 23, 1999, King Hussan died. His death concluded the longest monarchy in modern history of the Arab world with a total serving of 38 years.
Currently, KingHassan's son Crown Prince Sidi Mohammed ruling Morocco as the 18th king in the Alawite Dynasty

Main cities


Rabat is home to Moroccan goverment, its a hub of traditional cuisine, architecture and much more. Well worth a visit! The Ville Nouvelle has beautiful modern French-built hotels. For a capital city, Rabat is very quiet and offers a number of excellent restaurants , clubs andpubs. Rabat is the second biggest city after Casablanca. It is famous for all the historical monuments in the Kingdom and the luxurious carpets and rich embroidery. A good thing of Rabat is that you can easily explore the city on your own without the help of a guide, and chat with locals in the cafe's who do not depend on the money of the tourists.


Marrakesh is truly the city of...
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