Expression écrite anglais ammit to his parents

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Elliot Bornais, T ES1

Dear Mum and Dad,

I hope everybody is fine and I hope your Business is still doing well. Langford is just amazing. I’m kind of happy inthat place. The weather is so nice here in Massachusetts, and I assure you that I’m doing really well in my studies, even if the level is high in this school. Youhaven’t got a lot of time to learn really hard things, but I always manage to stick with the strongest ones. I will probably be able to go further in my studies and dowhat I like most. I made quite a lot of friends here, from all over the world. I wanted to thank you for getting me in that school Dad I think it was the bestsolution. The environment is perfect for me because I run quite a lot, I’m in the basket university team, you would be proud of me if you saw me play. My teachers arebrilliant to, they are fun, they laugh with us (but they also know how to make us work and learned pretty tough things easily. By the way you don’t have to call meevery week to check on me, I send you emails quite often to you guys. But anyway I like hearing from you. Are you planning to come and see me for a week-end, or duringthe holidays? Because if you want to I could find you a place to stay and find you tickets you know. Well I told you enough about me, tell me about yourself a bit.The fact that I don’t see you often isn’t really a problem now; my friends are like a second family you know. I even have a girlfriend, since 4 month, she is calledSophia and she is Russian. You would really want to meet her. Ok so I hope I will have the pleasure of seeing you in a bit. See you.

Love from Amit xxxx
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