Fast food and slow food

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In the world that we know today, there are several way of eating. On the one hand we have the fast food witch is a catering served quickly and usually quite cheap, on theother hand we have the slow food that is a kind of restoration witch uses products with a high quality and a focus on the taste and the benefits on the body. On the first part we will see the originsand characteristics of fast food, then we will see the comparison and the contrast of the origins, and finally characteristics of fast food and slow food .

Fast food was born in 1867 in the eastcoast of USA when a German butcher called Charles Feltman opened the first hot dog stand in Brooklyn. It get a lot of success and fit well the American way of life, with all those busy and hurriedperson that don’t have much time to have a lunch, this is emphasis by the quote of Andrew F Smith ‘Eating at fast food outlets and other restaurant is simply a manifestation of the co modification of timecoupled with the relatively low value many American have placed on the food they eat’
Fast food gather all kind of food that we can eat quickly like as we know pizzas hamburgers and fries like theydo in McDonald’s, but fast food is more than this stereotype because sandwiches and salad are part of the fast food too, for example the fast food restaurant called ‘Paul’ witch sell sandwiches.The main goal of this concept for consumers is to have a lunch the quickest as they can, because we live in such busy society that kind of people has not the time to cook their own food.
Finally wecan talk about the effect of this kind of food because too much fast food is not without consequences. A diet with a big part of hamburgers or pizza could lead to overweight or even worse, horribledisease like diabetes or hurt attack. This is exactly what happened in the movie ‘supersize me’ when Spurlock did this incredible experience of going to Mc Donald’s every day where we saw him getting...
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