Faut il autauriser le mariage gay

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The history(story) takes place in the city of Detroit, in the U.S.A. The central figure if call(appeal) Jay, he lives in a house by the sea, it's a Policeman. Every day, Bill, Sheriff visits Jay to speak about the work. For some week, persons dies suddenly but that nobody discovers the reason. The common point between all his(her) victims it is because they made all left the government American. During several months, Bill and Jay worked hard to find the murderer. Bill does not suspect whom the murderer is by his/her side, because the murderer is Jay... To execute these murders, he(it) has a book in which he writes the name of the victim and the cause of the death, then the next minute, the victim dies from the cause chosen by Jay. One day, Bill comes to Jay with his daughter, Britney. It was the love at first sight(lightning stroke), thus as Jay did not want to end in prison and to break the heart of Britney he decided to stop(arrest) the murders.But he(it) did not throw(cast) the book for all that. One day, the book disappeared, Jay was frightened at the idea of knowing that somebody else than possess him(her) is engaged(surrenders). He did not know him(it) but was Britney who set is engaged(surrenders) to make it his(her,its) personal diary. She did not know that is engaged(surrenders) belonged to him(her) and the consequences which he(it) brings. She writes Jay's name and this one dies. Since his(her,its) death, all the murders stop(arrest) because the book became only dust

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