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Globalisation Studies – Séance 1 – EU/Africa Relations
This course will explore the history of private enterprise and colonialism in Africa, and how it has shaped the continents’ social andpolitical economy.
* When western explorers first arrived in Africa they found many advanced systems (cobbled streets etc.) which led them to believe another colonial power had helped these villages toevolve. In fact, this was not the case and it is only one of many misperceptions of 15th century Africa
* Transatlantic trade slaves were used for farming and worked in courts as doormen etc.
*The avant-garde of Africa
* Explorers
* Missionaries
* ‘bridge head’ (earliest of the avant-garde)
* Colonial representatives
* Traders
* ‘bridgehead’
* 1885 Berlin conference
* Comprised of the major colonial powers; France, England, Belgium, Holland etc.
* Straight lines present on maps are due to these divisions. These wereproblematic as they didn’t take into account tribal lands and languages
* Established rules for who controlled certain parts of Africa
* All countries which speak French are former Frenchcolonies with the exception of the following Belgian colonies
* Democratic Republic of Congo
* Burundi
* Rwanda
* Gun-boat diplomacy changed the balance of power betweenAfrican nations
* Europeans aligned with local factions to divide and conquer
* 2 European ruling methods
* English; indirect; uses existing management structures
* French; direct;implied that everyone
* Had became a citizen of France (c.f. liberté, fraternité, egalité)
* Considered Paris the capital of the country
* In reality most colonies ended up witha poor imitation of the democratic structures present in their governing countries due to their scale. Only the capital cities were controlled.
* Europeans emphasised local education in the...
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