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A midi remote script for use with Ableton Live 8 and the Korg nanoKontrol.

1. Download and Unzip the file.

2. Move the nanoKONTROLMyr folder to the MidiRemoteScriptfolder within your Ableton Live application folder.

3. Open your Korg nano series editor and load the preset within the NanoKontrol Presets folder, over-writing your previous settings.

4. SelectnanoKONTROLMyr as a control surface in the midi pane of the preferences window.


Scene 1 controls tracks 1 - 8
Scene 2 controls tracks 9 - 16
Scene 3 maps the encoders to theselected device and provides functions for moving tracks and devices.
Scene 4 is free for mapping to whatever you like, sending on midi channel 4.

The Ninth Slider is Always mapped to MasterVolume, regardless of scene or midi channel.
The Ninth Encoder is Always mapped to Cue Volume, regardless of scene or midi channel.

Transport functions only work when receiving midi ccnumbers on channel 16.
Different functions are called when in session view and arranger view for some of the buttons. The Loop button acts as a Shift to allow more functions to be called with theother transport buttons.

Loop = Shift
Play = Play (Scene Launch when Shift held)
Stop = Stop (Stop All Clips when Shift held)
Record = Record (Overdub On/Off when Shift held)

Session SpecificRewind = Scene Up (Scene Up by 5 when Shift held)
Forward = Scene Down (Scene Down by 5 when Shift held)

Arranger Specific
Rewind = Cue Position Left
Forward = Cue Position Right

EncodersThe Encoders map to the Pans of the tracks. When sent on different midi channel numbers they map to different tracks. Channel 1 maps to tracks 1 - 8 and Channel 2 maps to 9 - 16 etc.
When sent on midichannel 16 they map to the selected device. This works in conjunction with the pads and buttons sending on channel 16 which provide functions for moving track and controlling devices.

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