Final essay innovation management

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Cheng Elia TdA E.T


“From standard to unique”

Cheng Elia TdA E.T

Loewe has been created in 1923 in Germany by Dr. Siegmund and David Ludwig Loewe. Loewe provides outstanding design, quality superior with innovative technology products. It’s an electronics manufacturer; their main ranges of products are Television sets, peripheral video and stereo product Hi-fi equipment and DVD players. Its television set brands are offered across segments: Loewe Individual, Loewe Reference, Loewe Art and Loewe Connect. The company main segment is upper class sophisticated customers. In 2005, Loewe received an award in innovation and became the leading premium flat screen television provider. Why Loewe AG? Their core value: setting new standards with innovation for the senses. A company like Loewe AG, will show us how innovation can change a standard product. This few years, prices of multimedia products decrease and competitors try to produce low price added-value product to be competitive in the market. In fact Loewe Ag integrates the blue ocean of premium electronic brands and the demand keep going up in spite of the economic crisis.

Loewe Group sales in the third quarter of 2010 were 13% lower than the 2009, Group sales declined moderately by 3% year on year. Despite this figures, the company invest in their human resource department. As the Chief Innovation Manager, process innovation and product innovation are presenting below as a stepping stone to increase sales for 2011, advices will be provide after the presentation.

What types of innovations?
Loewe Innovation strategy can be classified as a Platform type. Their products are the next generation with different technology. Different from market standard product, its improved benefits by incorporate technology never explored before for television or multimedia equipment. It can be also define as a disruptive innovation though the market is already

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