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1 Vocabulary:
enrolling, page : 142, ligne : 11, l'inscription
glum, page : 144, ligne : 8, maussade
marrow, page : 144, ligne : 19, la moelle
roots, page : 144 ligne : 25, racines
backward,page : 145, ligne : 1, en arrière
nodded, page : 145, ligne : 15, hocha la tête
verses, page : 145, ligne : 20, versets
heeding, page : 146, ligne : 7, prendre garde
fear, page : 146, ligne : 17, lapeur
spherical, page : 146, ligne : 25, sphérique

2 Resume:
He was sure that the experience there would have harmed him getting a school so quick, so close. Sure, it was only until Mr. Evanscould return to work, but, still, He thought as he tied his tie, it's teaching English and returning to what I love the most.
The only boy in the classroom that understood him was Charles Dalton. Mr.Keating eyed the students, looking for his young admirer. When Charlie came in, he smiled. "Mornin', Captain."
Mr. Keating smiled as Charlie's brown eyes were now once again full of the life that hadbeen missing at their last meeting. "Nuwanda." He nodded. As the rest of the boys filtered in, Mr. Keating stood on the desk, winking at Charlie as he did so. "Boys!" Mr. Keating said as the bell rang.The boys all stifled laughs as they saw their teacher on the desk. "Can anyone tell me why I stand up here?"
Charlie laughed. It had only been four months earlier that Mr. Keating asked the samequestion in an English class at Welton. He decided to repeat the same answer. "To feel taller."
Mr. Keating stood still and looked a moment at Charlie before laughing and hitting the bell with his foot."NO! To remind myself to look at things a different way."
The memories came back to Charlie and he recalled that day that Mr. Keating had, as he was doing now, them stand on his desk, looking aroundthe room, while he was reciting Thoreau and men leading lives of quiet desperation. As he waited his turn, he could only think of Welton.

3 Four sentences:
1. P.142
“Son, I am trying very...
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