Forces de porter

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TOEIC TEST building skills for the new toeic test written by Lin lougheed

PART 5 6 7 skill focus: prefix:Meaning: after-after contra-against dis-opposite or negative mal-bad or wrong mis-bad or wrong omni-all over-too much re -again


present simple: active:clean,seen.. passiv:is cleaned,is seen...

past simple: passiv:was seen was cleaned

present perfect: passiv:has cleaned...

past perfect: passiv:had been cleaned

present continious: passiv:is being cleaned (at the moment)

some verbs can have two subjects: ask offer pay show teach tell

I don't like being>>>passiv form of doing

we can use get instead of be in the passiv.

The object of a passive sentence follows the preposition by
The object may be omitted if we don't want name the agent.

Reconizing Time Markers:
Time questions:
When....? ago, already before, after, during, while, as soon as, next mounth...
How long...? for, since, until
How often...? always, usually(souvent), often, sometimes, never, rarely, weekly

SINCE : is used as a preposition with the present perfect tense


To Rome.... : destinatin. EX: I went TO Rome
In Rome......: within a location EX: While I was IN Rome...
From Rome...:direction away EX:I went from Rome to Vienna at: Is a preposition of place depuis:for one houre/since 10.00
On february in April
In the morning:with a periode of the day


which:apres un nom commun who:apres un personne

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