Friends of the earth

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Making life better for people by inspiring solutions to environmental problems

Friends of the Earth is an NGO that fights for the protection of the environment. It was created in 1969 by David Brower and has its headquarters in London since 1971, where it organized its first worldwide demonstration against nuclear power plants. Non-profit association self-declared independent of any political or religious power, it got involved in the creation of an environmental movement in France and in the creation of the first global ecologist network: Friends of the Earth International has offices in 70 countries with 2 million members. Friends of the Earth raise public awareness on environmental issues such as climate change, protection of tropical forests, agriculture, etc..
They stand for three big ideas:
-There is a tomorrow
We need to use the planet thinking there is a tomorrow. This means living within the limits of the natural world.
-Everyone gets a fair share
Everyone, everywhere, now and tomorrow, deserves to have a good life.
-Change the rules
We need to change the rules so that the economy works for people and the environment, not off against the other.

Friends of the Earth seeks to influence the government to make changes to policies in favour of people and planet.
It's not just what we do but the way we do it. To make things happen they:
-Focus on the solution
They look for better alternatives to what's already out there
-Back it up with facts
They base everything on credible research
-Get lots of people involved
They make it easy for us to act.

FOE is “divided” in two different parts which have the same goal but not same method: Friends of the Earth Trust and Friends of the Earth Limited both are committed to Conservation, Protection and Improvement of the environment.
But FOE Trust does this through:
Promoting environmental issues , Campaigning ,Research and Education And FOE Limited does this through:

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