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Future Television
Strategies for 2020

Market & Data Reports
This report is a follow-up to an earlier prospective study produced in 2009 and to a series of works on new forms of television (Next Gen TV, Video over FTTx, 3DTV, etc.), and provides readers with a portrait of the industry in 2020, along with original analysis of media companies' responses to the current changes in the marketplacewhich will have a lasting impact on their positions. > Market figures for 2010-2020 for each of the countries examined • Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the UK, the United States • Time spent watching – TV reception model – Advertising market – Pay-TV Market • Can TV broadcasters compete with Google, Apple and Sony? • What impact will connected televisions have? • Is the TV industry finally on theverge of a major consolidation? • Can speciality channels hold up against competition from long-tail services on the Web?

Key questions
• What TV viewing patterns will we see emerge over the the long term?

Consulting & Research

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Future Television
Strategies for 2020

1. Executive Summary 2. Methodology
3. Evolution ofviewing habits and of the video industry over the long term 3.1. Environment: a pervasive and globalized Internet 3.2. Changing viewing habits 3.2.1. Evolution of the time spent watching video entertainment • Growing competition between prime-time TV and prime time Internet • Stagnation of time spent watching broadcast TV 3.2.2. Segmentation of usage • Dispersion of broadcast TV audiences • Ongoingincrease in the number of channels 3.2.3. Time-shifted viewing • Ubiquitous DVRs • Success of catch-up TV 3.2.4. Growing mobile consumption • Increase in mobile viewing time • More roaming than mobile viewing 3.2.5. Interaction with video • New interfaces • Internet-inspired services on the TV 3.2.6. Consumers' willingness to pay • Piracy's constant progress towards real time • Pay-TV's digitizationincreases ARPU 3.2.7. Role played by social networking sites • Social networking sites: the Web's top destinations • Social networking sites as video sharing platforms 3.2.8. Consumer experience • Growing segmentation of picture formats • 3D, complementing HD 3.2.9. Synthesis: long-term video viewing patterns 3.3. Services and market segments 3.3.1. Summary description of socio-types • Theconservative, The connected roamer, The e-cocooner, The tribal 3.3.2. Service features for each socio-type

• Increase in video viewing time, segmentation, time-shifting, roaming viewing, interaction with TV content • Use of social networking sites, piracy and free offers, video experience 3.4. Long-term impact on the video market structure 3.4.1. Decline of managed TV 3.4.2. Piracy contained 3.4.3.More advertising and promotional streams attached to video content 3.4.4. Competition on many fronts in the aggregation market, leading to the end of the widespread exclusivity model (except for premium programmes) 3.4.5. Reorganisation of windows for premium programmes 3.4.6. A globalized content industry 3.4.7. A globalized and consolidated industry 3.4.8. Increased differentiation betweennetworks 3.5. Synthesis: long-term outlook for the video industry

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4. Video market development forecasts 5. TV channels' strategic paths
5.1. Evolution of geographicalpositioning 5.2. Evolution of product positioning 5.3. Evolution of positioning in the value chain

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6. Key trends & innovative applications
6.1. Key video consumption trends 6.2. Case studies 6.3. Four ICT usage development scenarios

• Next Gen TV www.idate-research.com

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