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The Future of Digital Radio

IBC 2010 EBU Technology & Development Mathias Coinchon

• Radio is popular
– UK: 46.5 million adults listening weekly, 90.6% UK population (15+) – An all time high! – Digital listening share: 15.8% DAB, 4.1% DTT, 2.9% Internet Source:, Q2 2010 figures

Digital Radio, a new technology?

Francoise, get punk !

Digital Radio generations

•1st generation (1990-)
– Context: Audio migration from analogue to digital – Simulcast of AM/FM programmes on digital – Audio quality as the only added value

Digital Radio generations

• 2ndgeneration (2000-)
– New and exclusive audio content on digital – Strategy with broadcasters, governments, retailers – Growing success in some countries – Inaction or rejection in other countries Digital Radio generations

• 3rd generation (now)
– Context: Internet and Smartphones disruption – Broadcast? Broadband Internet? On demand? Rich media content associated to audio?


• Terrestrial Broadcast
– – – – – – – Efficient one-to-many delivery Direct access to listeners Horizontal market Free-to-air Broadcasting is green Spectrum is available Strict regulation • Broadband
– – – – – – High flexibility Worldwide coverage Inefficient for mass delivery Democratised delivery (no license needed) Subscription needed for reception (not free-to-air) Net/operatorneutrality questions – quality of service

The Hybrid Broadcast/Broadband Approach

PRIMARY DISTRIBUTION Broadcast (free to air, one to many) Broadband (unicast, one to one)

Channels The Hybrid Broadcast/Broadband Approach
Visuals RadioVIS server & HTTP server

Production platform

DAB/DAB+ transmitter



The HybridBroadcast/Broadband Approach

• Multimedia content push to listeners
– – – – – Visualisation Programme guide Podcasts Service following Interaction: tagging, voting

Broadcast and Broadband radio...
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